Before You Begin

Tutorial Arrangement

There are 16 pages in this tutorial. The tutorial is designed so that each page must be viewed to complete the process. You cannot jump ahead.

Achievement Certificate

There is a final exam at the end of the tutorial. You must complete all sections of the tutorial in order to receive the certificate.


Independent Living Philosophy and History is a training program developed by Western New York Independent Living, Inc., 3108 Main Street, Buffalo, N Y 14214.

This tutorial is an adaptation of the three hour Independent Living Philosophy and History training program and is designed for self-instruction.

Permission is granted for duplication or reproduction either mechanically or electronically of any portion of this tutorial, provided that the following acknowledgment is given: Reproduced by permission from materials developed by the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Independent Living Management.


The purpose of this tutorial is to present the values and beliefs of people with disabilities and examine the ways the values, beliefs and behaviors of non-disabled people influenced the development of Independent Living Philosophy. The tutorial will also present selected historical events that had significant impact on legislative and quality of life changes for people with disabilities.

When establishing the Standards and Assurances for Independent Living Center operation, contributors to the Rehab Act of 1978 identified Independent Living Philosophy first on the list of standards. The importance of Independent Living Philosophy in the mission and operation of Independent Living Centers is presented in the last section of the tutorial.