New York State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) APPROVED

The 2017-2019 New York State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) has been approved by the Administration for Community Living (ACL), and will begin on October 1st.

The approval letter is available as a PDF and in the text version below, as well as the MS Word version of the State Plan.


APPROVED SPIL 2014-2016: On September 23, 2013, the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) notified the New York State Plan partners in writing that the new three-year SPIL for 2014-2016 was approved. A copy of the SPIL 2014-2016 can be viewed by clicking on the link provided below. The previous SPIL 2011-2013 has been archived on the Key Documents webpage.

Based on post-SPIL letter and issues raised by the State Plan partners, the RSA Commissioner responded back in a letter to the concerns and directed the issues to be addressed with technical edits to the SPIL without the need of public feedback or amendment. The technical edits were agreed to by the State Plan partners and the RSA Region II liaison.

SPIL Evaluation


Original Draft NY SPIL Posted for Public Comment 2/5/16: Draft SPIL 2017-2019

Second Version/Draft NY SPIL Public Comment Consider by SPIL Committee 3/4/16:

Third Version/Draft NY SPIL Review Approval by Federal CIL Directors 3/14/16: 

Fourth Version/Draft NY SPIL Review Approval by SILC 4/15/16:

Fifth Version/Draft NY SPIL Review completed with DSE 5/16/16:

Draft SPIL 2017-2019 Webinar

Link to Power Point and Audio: Draft SPIL 2017-2019 PPT and Webinar

Links to SPIL charts:

Links to 2016 NY Annual 704 Report: