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NYSILC Endorses NYAILs 2021 Legislative & Budget Agendas

The Executive and Public Policy Committees recommended and supported the New York Association on Independent Living’s 2021 Disability Priority Legislative & Budget Agendas State Independent Living Council, Inc (NYSILC). The SSAN is the major investment of the 3-year SPIL and has been for the past two decades. The agendas represent the advocacy priorities and work plan of the SSAN.

2021 NYAIL Legislative DPA

2021 NYAIL Budget DPA

NYSILC Solidarity Statement in Support of Black Lives and Against Racism

The New York State Independent Living Council, Inc (NYSILC), along with peers in our disability community, mourn the death of George Floyd and other Black lives due to excessive police force.  Black lives must matter. Disability transcends all race/ethnicities, ages, genders, and identifications and, as advocates for equality and justice, we support all peaceful efforts to reform police policies and practices that disproportionately and negatively impact Black people. Together, we witness institutional bias, discrimination, poverty and inequality in health care, employment, education, housing, and transportation. We will work together towards full equality and justice for all, including the reform of institutions and their discriminatory policies and practices. NYSILC is committed to systemic change.

NYSILC Support and Sign On to the Greater Rochester’s Black Agenda

Identified by a council member for support and sign on, this is more than a regional agenda. It recognizes that racism is a public health crisis and educates why racism exists, how to address it, and what underlying issues must be addressed.

NYSILC Public Policy Committee Takes New Direction Related to Agendas/Issues

In early 2019, the NYSILC Public Policy Committee discussed and recommended a change in its protocol to review and support state and national issues faced by people with disabilities. Previously, the committee would identify priority issues and create an agenda, coinciding with its 3-year state plan cycle, supported by findings in its statewide needs assessment. The council would endorse the agenda. The Executive Committee recently approved the committee’s change, which looks to review the annual policy agendas of the New York Association on Independent Living (NYAIL) and the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL). The committee reserves the right to not support the agendas as a whole, endorsing priority issues and or identifying issues opposed.

With this new direction, the committee reviewed and approved NYAIL’s 2019 legislative and budget agendas. These agendas are developed in coordination with the Statewide Systems Advocacy Network (SSAN), a project of the SPIL:

The committee still exercises the right under its protocol to recommend issues for the council to support, which might require action such as endorsement letters, the signing of petitions, or related actions.

NYSILC 3-year Public Policy Agenda 2016-2018

NYSILC conducted a Statewide Needs Assessment in 2015. Three overall themes emerged from the findings: Gaps and Barriers, State Institutionalized Population, and Priority Unserved Populations and Related Issues. These themes serve as the framework of the 3-year agenda for 2016-2018.

Download the agenda: NYSILC 3-year Public Policy Agenda 2016-18 

In order to promote public education and awareness, the NYSILC public policy committee works to develop an agenda that articulates and supports important issues that are common to the statewide network. It is imperitive to engage and collaborate with other disability stakeholder organizations in defining the needs of New Yorkers with disabilities.

Current: NYSILC 3-Year Public Policy Agenda

Archived IL Agendas

Public Policy Highlights


Employment Initiative: NYSILC requests full implementation of Governor Cuomo's Employment First Comminon Report:

Disability Inclusion in MWBE Program

Cross Disability Small Business Tax Credit

Communication Support Services for Vocational Rehabilitation


Energy Efficient, Accessible Transportaion Services

OPPOSED: Digitally connected companies providing a transportation network of private drivers.

Cap on fares for paratransit transportation.

Statewide accessible livery vehicle service.

Transportation sercie providers to be accessible.

Rental discrimination based on source of income.

Introduction of visitability tax credit bill.

New home visitability tax credit bill.

State Institutionalized Population

Authorize an exemption to the Nurse Practice Act (NPA) for advanced home health aides to perform certain advanced tasks under the supervision of a registerd nurse.

Fund a wage premium for CDPAS attendents.

Support passage of the Federal Disability Integration Act.

$5 million increase to the State Appropriation for Independent Living Centers

Establish an Office on Community Living (OCL).

Priority Underserved Populations & Related Issues

Expand the availability of transition age youth and young adult peer support and advocacy services.

Strengthen the housing subsidy program for foster youth.

Raise the age of youthful offender status to 21.

Strengthen LGBTQIA

Support local government employment of veterans with disabilities


OPPOSED: Patient Self-Determination Act

OPPOSED: New York End of Life Options Act

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Governor Markell's Blueprint for Employment

National Governor’s Association (NGA) “A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities Blueprint for Governors.”

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Employment Assistance and Resource Network (EARN) Documents: Petition

Visit the following petition on PETITION to sign the petition to encourage Governor Cuomo to improve the employability of New Yorkers with disabilities.

Forward the petition to your friends and networks!

Active Online Media Buzz Generated by Governor Cuomo's Executive Order

Click on the following link to view the Cision Dashboard Summary of online media activity related to the announcement of the Governor’s Employment First Executive Order.