NYSILC Full Council Meeting

March 27, 2020

10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Via Zoom video conference link

Necessary Business Agenda

Members invited to join meeting early to ensure connection                                                 9:45 am

I. Call meeting to order - Doug Usiak, Chair.                                                                          10:00 am

A.        Roll call.

            B.        Open forum

(Final comments/questions about the draft SPIL for 2021-2023).

II. Review and approval of Full Council Meeting (FCM) minutes.                                         10:20 am

  • Review and approval of draft minutes for November 15, 2019
  • Refer to minutes in packet.

III. SILC Review and Approval/Third Draft of SPIL 2021-2023.                                             10:30 am

A.        Update about process.

B.        Review of Summary documents (Refer to documents in packet):

C.        Review and Approval of NY Draft SPIL 2021-2023 v3: https://nysilc.org/images/Draft_NY_SPIL_2021-2023_v3.docx.

  • Section 1: Goals, Objectives and Activities, including 1.4 Financial Plan, and 1.5 Evaluation.
    • Summary, discussion, questions, action.
  • Section 2: Scope, Extent, and Arrangements of Services, including 2.2 Outreach and 2.3 Coordination.
    • Summary, discussion, questions, action.
  • Section 3: Design for the Statewide Network of Centers, including 3.2 Expansion and Adjustment of Network.
    • Summary, discussion, questions, action.
  • Section 4: Designated State Entity (DSE).
    • Summary, discussion, questions, action.
  • Section 5: Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC).
    • Summary, discussion, questions, action.
  • Approval of overall draft SPIL 2021-2023 v3. Including other sections not discussed:
    • Executive Summary, Section 6: Legal Basis and Certifications, Section 7: DSE Assurances, Section 8: SILC Assurances, and Section 9: Signatures.
      • Summary, discussion, questions, action.
    • Review Next Steps in Process.

IV. Executive Director’s Report – Brad Williams.                                                                      12:00 pm

A.        Significant issues/major goals and deliverables (October-December 2019).

  • Update on issues.

B.        Update/NYSILC response to the coronavirus.

C.        Advocacy issues/updates:

  • Gov vetoes visitability and small business tax credit bills

– (Refer to letter in packet).

  • National/state letter to OSERS opposing opening up WIOA regulations regarding CIE

– (Refer to letter in packet).

V. Treasurer’s Report – Roger Benn.                                                                                          12:10 pm

            A.        NYSILC Quarterly Fiscal Report (October-December 2019).

B.        Finance Committee Minutes (February 6, 2020).

VI. Executive Committee Report – Aaron Baier, Vice Chair.                                                   12:15 pm

A.        Executive Committee Minutes (November 8, 2019, December 16, 2019,

January 10, 2020, February 14, 2020).

VII. Committee & Subcommittee Reports            *                                                                                12:25 pm

D.        NYSCB SRC Report – Cliff Perez.

E.        SPIL Committee – Brad Williams providing the report for Doug Usiak and Laurel Kelley, Co-Chairs (February 12-28/20 online review. Federal CIL Directors meeting 3/4/20).

F.        Youth Leadership – Vacant, Brad Williams providing brief report.

G.        Emergency Preparedness – Daniel Fuster, Chair.

H.        Development, Lynn Drucker, Chair (January 23, 2020).

I.          Database Workgroup – Roger Benn, Chair.

J.         Consumer Satisfaction Survey – Aaron Baier, Chair.

K.        Monitoring & Evaluation – Chad Eldred, Chair (November 5, 2019).

  • NYSILC quarterly contract report:
  • October-December 2019 First report of the 2020 contract year.

– (Refer to separately attached SILC Monitoring Document).

  • SSAN quarterly contract report:
  • October-December 2019 First report of the 2020 contract year.

– (Refer to separately attached SILC Monitoring Document).

  • TRI quarterly contract report (demonstration project serving veterans with disabilities):
  • October-December 2019 First report of the 2020 contract year.

– (Refer to separately attached SILC Monitoring Document).

IX. Other.                                                                                                                                                 12:55 pm

X. Adjourn.

*(Minutes have been provided for review. Reports should provide brief summary information regarding activities. Additional information can be shared regarding new business. Questions can focus on minutes, materials, or new information reported. Committees that haven’t met recently should note when the next scheduled meeting is anticipated.)


Zoom Instructions for the NYSILC March Meeting

Time: Friday March 27, 10:00 AM Eastern Time

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Meeting ID: 287 740 523

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