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After a two-year effort with volunteer assistance, NYSILC staff and the Public Policy Committee are pleased to announce the completion of the 2020 NYSILC Presidential Post-Election Survey Report.

Respondents randomly participated in the confidential, non-partisan poll to analyze the voting trends and practices of New Yorkers with disabilities compared to those without disabilities between November 4th to December 4th, 2020, via Survey Monkey. When possible comparisons were made to the 2016 survey results.

In retrospect, the council and New York IL network were at the forefront of ensuring access to voting 15-20 years ago. In the evidence brought forward by the State Board of Elections in an Article 78 action by NYSILC, the state claimed voting access was unnecessary because they had records of only 2,500 (approximate) voters with disabilities statewide (these were absentee ballots). Our network fought hard for physical and voting machine access as noted in the documentary, HAVA: The Long Round to a Fundamental Right

 At the end of the documentary, the question is asked, will we turn out to vote? Facing continued attitudinal barriers to our fundamental rights was nothing new, but the disability community continued to turn out to vote in numbers over the next decade. Voting practices have been enhanced and improved in the state with some needing extension.

The 2020 post-election survey report establishes voting trends and practices for New Yorkers with disabilities and recommends areas for growth in future years.