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Our friends at Disability Education and Awareness for Municipalities are hosting two free events in January! Read below to find out more about each event.

Event #1

Niagara University First Responder Advocacy Training - New York State

Do you want to make sure First Responders are educated on responding to people with disabilities?

The Niagara University First Responder Advocacy Training (FRAT) for Disability Advocates provides you with the opportunity to receive the tools to work with your police and fire departments, EMS/ambulance services and your 9-1-1 Call Centers to make sure they not only know your needs but the needs of others in the disability community.

The First Responder Disability Awareness Training project at Niagara University is pleased to announce the New York First Responder Advocacy Training for people with disabilities, disability advocates, and those invested in the disability community.

This two-hour training provides you with guidance on how to advocate with first responders, inform them of your needs, how to be a partner with first responder agencies, and how to become a resource for those agencies.

Upon completion of a five-step follow-up program, participants will receive a certificate and be recognized as a FRAT Advocate and eligible to be on a Disability Advisory Panel. There is no fee. Registration is limited to the first 30 participants. This is a virtual training. Link to attend will be provided the day before training begins.

For more information, please contact:                                            

Cary Newman, Program Manager                

Phone: (716) 286-8139

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Event #2

Disability Education & Awareness for Municipalities: Communities Including & Empowering Citizens with Disabilities - New York

Disability Education & Awareness for Municipalities (DEAM) is a FREE, innovative virtual training program developed and offered by Niagara University Disability Awareness Training (DAT) and the Erie County (NY) Office for People with Disabilities for municipal employees, elected officials, individuals with disabilities, disability advocates, and people interested in developing the whole community.

This customized curriculum is designed to train and educate both municipal employees and individuals with disabilities to work together to ensure acceptance, accessibility, and proper and proactive response to the needs of ALL citizens. It introduces municipal employees the necessary tools, resources, and materials for both inclusion and compliance.

Dave Whalen is currently the Project Director for DAT, past-Chair for the Town of Amherst’s Committee on Disabilities and member of the Erie County Disability Advisory Board, and past member of NYS Independent Living Council. Frank Cammarata is the executive director of the Erie County Office for People with Disabilities. Between them, they have over 60 years’ experience in the field of disabilities. They will provide attendees with information, strategies, resources, and techniques that will address the following:

  • Municipal Committee on Disabilities structure and development
  • Proper Etiquette and interaction skills to include Person/Identity First Language
  • Americans with Disabilities Act and local governments: Common Problems
  • ADA Coordinator role within a municipality
  • Accessibility & inclusivity in a municipality
  • Specific department roles and responsibilities
  • First Responders and Emergency Management
  • Hiring practices
  • Program options (i.e., recreation, parks)

This program will be the modified version. It is available to anyone who resides in the state of New York. Self-advocates, family members of people with disabilities, disability advocates, people invested in the disability community and municipality employees are encouraged to apply to attend this FREE program.
This program provided from funding secured by NYS Assemblymember Karen McMahon

CHOICE 1: FRIDAY, January 22, 2021
WHEN: 9:00am-12:00pm


This program provided from funding secured by NYS Assemblymember Karen McMahon