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Election Day is November 3rd this year.

Here are some helpful links to get you ready to vote in the upcoming election!



Helpful Websites:

NCIL Voter Registration Toolkit

Available in PDF, Word, and plain text formats

Link to general information on requesting an absentee ballot:

For New York State residents outside of New York City, the link to request a paper absentee ballot online is:

For New York State residents inNew York City, the link to request a paper absentee ballot online is:


Articles on Voting Issues

1-City Board Of Elections Launches Tracking System So Absentee Ballots Don't Get Lost In The Void - Gothamist

2-DOE: Schools Will Be Used as Poll Sites on Election Day

3-Manhattan elected officials push for ballot drop boxes across New York state - amNewYork

4-Plain facts about vote-by-mail: It doesn’t advantage either party

5-New Voting Machines Could Help With Early Voting But Undermine Ranked-Choice Voting


Remember, there's still time to respond to the Census. As of now, approximately 80 percent of New Yorkers have completed the Census — but we need everyone to respond. You can respond by mail, by phone at 844-330-2020 or online at Spread the word and let's Get Counted, NY.  


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