The NYS Disability Rights Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made lifelong achievements which positively impact people with disabilities in society. Areas of lifelong achievement include: improving public policy and programs/services, advancing new knowledge and/or concepts, eliminating barriers, and promoting a positive image for people with disabilities.

View highlights from the 2019 Hall of Fame event here:  


Nominations for inductees are now open at  Nominations close on December 18, 2019, and the selection committee then discusses which nominees will be inducted for that year. By January, the new class of inductees will be announced.  

This year's honorary committee members are making a meaningful investment in developing youth leadership programs for people with disabilities. Read more and become an honorary commmittee member here:

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Proceeds from these events help to sustain the awards ceremony and dinner in the future, and will also support both the Pat Figueroa Jr. Young Adult Scholarships and the Leadership Development and Civic Engagement Program (LDCEP).

If you have questions, please contact Amy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 518-427-1060, ext. 103.