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Common Acronyms

AAPD- American Association of People with Disabilities

ACL – Administration on Community Living.

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act

ACCES-VR - Adult Career and Continuing Education Services - Vocational Rehabilitation

ARRA – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

CSR – Consumer Services Record

DBTAC – Disability Training and Assistance Center (Our region’s is located at Cornell)

DDPC - Developmental Disabilities Planning Council

DEI - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DOE – Department of Education

DOH – Department of Health

DPN – Disability Programs Navigator

DSE - Designated State Entity 

EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

FCM - Full Council Meeting

HAVA – Help America Vote Act

HHS – (US Department of) Health and Human Services.

HUD – (US Department of) Housing and Urban Development

ILC/CIL - Independent Living Center/Center for Independent Living

MBI – Medicaid Buy In

MISCC – Most-Integrated Setting Coordinating Council

NASILC - National Association of Statewide Independent Living Councils

NCIL – National Council on Independent Living

NYS - New York State

NYAIL – New York Association on Independent Living

NYAPRS – New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

NYSCB – New York State Commission for the Blind

NYSILC – New York State Independent Living Council

OMH – Office of Mental Health

OPWDD - Office of People With Developmental Disabilities

PPR - Performance Progress Report

RFP – Request for Proposal

RSA – Rehabilitation Services Administration

SAANYS – Self Advocacy Association of New York State

SILC – Statewide Independent Living Council

SPIL – State Plan for Independent Living

SSA – Social Security Administration

SSAN – Statewide Systems Advocacy Network

SRC – State Rehabilitation Council (ACCES-VR and NYSCB have separate SRCs)

SSI - Supplemental Security Income

SSDI - Social Security Disability Income

TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury

TTY - Text Telephone

TRAID - Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities

TWWIIA – Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act

WIA – Workforce Investment Act

WIOA – Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

WIB – Workforce Investment Board