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This page contains resources relevant to the recent NY CARES Act CIL Funding. It is part of the $85 million in funding distributed nationwide to the Federal network of CILs. Refer to the attached link: [ACL State by State Tribe and CIL CARES Supplemental Awards Tables]. The goal is to provide quick access to these items for the NY Federal CIL network. Many of these items can be accessed at ACL OILP’s site.


Guidance for the planning and use of the NY CARES Act CIL Funding is provided by ACL FAQs:


The future NY SPIL 2021-2023 supports ACL’s 2018 Disaster Services Policy in Section 3.2 in the third bullet under the provision for "Plan for changes to center service areas and/or funding to accommodate expansion and/or adjustment of the network." This allows Federal CILs and SCILs to pursue services outside of their identified services areas during times of emergencies.


NY future SPIL 2021-2023 section referred to above:

  • During times of emergency situations, the NY CIL and SCIL network will respond to the critical needs of New Yorkers with disabilities in their identified service areas and then work collaboratively in impacted areas outside of their direct control. The Federal CIL’s will follow the guidance provided by ACL’s 2018 Disaster Services Policy. The SCILs will utilize this policy as applicable.


NYSILC updates to the NY Federal network: