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New York State Independent Living Council, Inc.

"Empowering New Yorkers with disabilities"

 Program Description

 The Leadership Development and Civic Engagement Program (LDCEP) will be designed as a web based social marketing campaign for New Yorkers with disabilities. Individuals who sign up as members will have access to an interactive website. Training materials and webinars will be made available on a wide variety of topics ranging from the broad themes of leadership development, civic engagement, economic self-sufficiency, and advocacy/systems change. The overall goals of the LDCEP will be to cultivate a peer membership base, facilitate knowledge and training, which will direct peers to increased independence, empowerment, and community integration and lead toward economic self-sufficiency.

 The homepage will have an introduction about the program to suggest the best ways to participate. It will feature success stories, upcoming events, and breaking news. At registration, peers will complete an interest survey to capture baseline data. It will be updated to measure progress each year on key areas. There will be a separate process for “friends” who are supportive of the program and want to learn and participate. Quarterly outreach events will be held throughout the state to establish a physical presence. Feedback will be monitored along with progress on annual impacts. While the LDCEP is mostly digital, alternatives will be developed to allow participation for those who do not have the means to participate directly with web-based programs.

 As the program grows, an outreach committee will be formed of statewide volunteers to help implement the marketing plan on a regional basis to connect with local stakeholders and individuals. They will work to encourage membership, participation in webinars, awareness of the LDCEP program, re-distribution of communications, and assistance with attendance at local events. A statewide event will be added to communicate results, share best practices, provide networking opportunities for individuals, and allow expansion into new areas.

 Eventually, the LDCEP will conduct research to determine the feasibility of creating a disability Political Action Committee (PAC) to support New Yorkers with disabilities running for office. This will include a review of legal, cost, and program factors.

 NYSILC is in Phase II of a campaign to develop funds and support to build the capacity and launch the program in 2016. Click on the DONATE button on our secure website to make a donation today. If you have question about the LDCEP or NYSILC, contact Brad Williams, Executive Director, at (518) 427-1060, or at

Supporting Documents

NYSILC Voting Access Achievements.docx